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Krystal South (b. 1985) is a multidisciplinary artist and writer from Portland, Oregon who enjoys obsessively exploring Everything, including but not limited to: pseudoscience, the internet, the Sublime, light, jokes, the corporeal, dissonance, physics, tropical plants, junk food and the Self. Google "Krystal South" for more info.


November, 2012: B.Y.O.B. Portland II @ Wieden + Kennedy Gallery, Portland, OR.

June, 2012: Dimensions Variable, Autzen Gallery, Portland, OR.
February, 2012: HYPERCORRECTION at Recess Gallery, Portland, OR.
December, 2011:
"CE N'EST PAS LA FIN DU MONDE" GROUP SHOW at R&R Gallery, Los Angeles.

October, 2011: QR/ART at the Portland Art Museum. [curator]
September, 2011: 'Observations on the Uncertain' essay as part of Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen's Installation, Don't Worry We'll Fix It, Time Based Arts Festival, 2011.
September, 2011: Nudity in Groups at PICA's Time Based Arts Festival 2011
August, 2011: Sharpening The Image, STORE Gallery, Portland, OR. [press]
August, 2011: ALL CAPS FESTIVAL, Toronto, Canada.
June, 2011: Broad Strokes, Carhole Gallery, Portland, OR.

December, 2010: B.Y.O.B. PORTLAND, New American Art Union, Portland, OR. Curated by Brenna Murphy and Christian Megazord Oldham

December, 2010: Car Hole Gallery Presents: No More Coats No More Hole: The Unauthorized Greatest Hits & Notes From A Young Curator book release
October, 2010: NUDITY IN GROUPS ISSUE #2, Edition of 250, available through
August, 2010: THIS COULD BE ANYWHERE, Carhole Gallery, Portland, OR.


February, 2012: Image Control: Contemporary Takes on Self Portraiture, Bear Deluxe Magazine issue 33.

October, 2011: Snack Addicts Unite! for YA5 #3, The Food Issue.

December, 2010:Notes From a Young Curator by Sam Korman. Published by Jank Editions and Publication Studio. Contains Sam's essay on my piece Who Are You People?

March, 2010: We Need to Know Where We've Been To Know Where We Are Going: A History of Socially Engaged Art Practice, edited by Jen Delos Reyes with texts by Paul Butler, Harrell Fletcher, Ted Purves, Helena Keefe, Joseph del Pesco and more. See my diagram about socially engaged artistic practice.


August, 2011: Lisa Radon wrote about my work, A Mirror Unto Itself, for Oregon ArtsWatch.
July, 2011: Interview by Jillian Punska and Tanner Dobson
April, 2011: Kitsune and Swarovski Elements and MODENEWS
September, 2010: Tourist Magazine


Portland State University BFA