Networks at Portland2014 Biennial


Still from Kafka Office by Bea Fremderman

1pm, Saturday, March 22nd @ WhiteBox University of Oregon.

Portland2014 Curator Amanda Hunt will host a conversation with biennial artists Alex Mackin Dolan, Travis Fitzgerald, and Zachary Davis about the Networks video program on view at White Box, curated by the former members of Appendix Project Space. Portland-based artist Krystal South will join the discussion. Following the screening, the participants will discuss the curation of the video program and the individual artists’ contributions, touching on the necessity of communication, the nature of a network particular to this community of artists’, and the space of the global, online network itself. One video from the program is installed at the venue each week of the Biennial (through April 27), this is the first and only time the series will be seen in succession as a program, debuting them as a collective whole. The video series is comprised of work by Birch Cooper, Bea Fremderman, Zachary Davis, Jason Hirata, and Sara Ludy.